Ecole de théâtre Philippe Gaulier and Ecole de Cirque Fratellini, Paris; Scuola di Circo Colombaioni, Rome; Ecole de Cirque Châlons-sur-Marne.

  • 1991 Founding of the Duo Scacciapensieri with world tours
  • 1992 Award at the Gaukler-Festival in Feldkirch (Austria)
  • 1993 Silver Spotlight at the show talent contest on Swiss television
  • 1994 Swiss Varieté prize “Kleiner Prix Walo”
  • 1994 Special Prize at the unicycling world championships in Minneapolis (USA)
  • 1995/1996 Carol d‘Argent at the city festival in Vevey, Switzerland
  • 1996 1st prize at the Gaukler-Festival in Lenzburg, Switzerland
  • 2003 Audience award at the Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, Japan


Romano Carrara is rapping, dancing, balancing and juggling – a complete ensemble represented by a single artist.

  • 1989 Living Art
  • 1995 Solo tour as The All in One Man Show
  • 1997 1st prize at the national congress of the young economic chamber (SJW)
  • 1998 Golden spotlight at the show talent contest on Swiss television
  • 1999 Nominated for the Prix Walo in the category «varieté, artistics»
  • 2000 Special prize «Best Artist» Daidogei World Cup Japan
  • 2001 Silver prize «Best Artist» Daidogei World Cup Japan
  • 2003 Bronze prize «Best Artist» Daidogei World Cup Japan


  • 1999 Founding of Stage TV with over 500 appearances around Europe by now
  • 2001 Best audience rating at the Comedy Festival Arosa (Switzerland)
  • 2002 Nominated for the Prix Walo (Switzerland)
  • 2002 1stz Prize at the Comedy Arts, Moers (Germany)
  • 2003 Nominated for the Swiss cabaret prize (Switzerland)
  • 2003 Schwerte’s cabaret prize (Germany)
  • 2005 Wilhelmshaven’s cabaret prize (Germany)


  • 2006 Premiere of coloro at the CreaTVty Award on Swiss television
  • 2008 coloro is audiendce’s favourite at the  show «Le plus grand cabaret du monde», Paris
  • 2010 Artist of the Year in Germany, category innovative show (Künstlermagazin KM)
  • 2015 finalists on the show “Biggest Swiss Talents 2015” (total of 2000 applicants)